Stonesoft SSL VPN 3201

Stonesoft SSL VPN 3201

The Stonesoft SSL-3201 appliance offers flexible and secure remote access to enterprise information, applications and networking resources. It provides secure access cost-effectively by establishing an encrypted VPN tunnel across the internet.

The solution brings network resources as close as the nearest internet connection, regardless of connectivity media or device.

With a maximum capacity of 15000 concurrent users, the Stonesoft SSL-3201 is ideal for large organizations that need to easily provide controlled, yet flexible remote access for their employees, partners, or customers. The solution enables organizations to fully control what information can be accessed. Access to different applications can be granted based on user identity, method of login, access location and the security level of the device in question. The solution guards the security of the network while providing access anywhere, anytime, and with any device.

The Stonesoft SSL-3201 offers simple deployment, flexible administration and ultimate ease-of-use. This ensures a future-proof solution for any remote connectivity deployment.

Combined with Stonesoft Intrusion Prevention Systems and Firewalls, SSL VPN forms a multi-dimensional defense system, where networks are protected by several layers of security that communicate seamlessly together. This field-proven technology expands comprehensive protection to the whole network and raises network protection to a previously unseen level.

The Stonesoft SSL VPN is ideal for access solutions that require total mobility, combined with premium-class security and ease of management.

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