Stonesoft Products

Security Engine

The Stonesoft Security Engine (NGN) is the dynamic platform behind Stonesoft’s military-grade security products.

Management Center

With the Stonesoft Management Center (SMC) you get to see the big picture. SMC enables unparalleled situational awareness so you always know what is happening in your network.

Intrusion Prevention System

The Stonesoft next generation IPS provides flexibility and scalability for data center and internal network deployments.

Evasion Prevention System

Based on feedback and customer demand, Stonesoft has developed the Evasion Prevention System for businesses and other organizations that need fast and cost-effective protection against Advanced Evasion Techniques.


Secure clientless access to corporate applications from anywhere – with any device – to a portal with your own customizable look and feel. Define access strategy based on multiple criteria to protect data and applications, and build context-aware security for your users with assessment and strong authentication.
Stonesoft SSL VPN ensures transparent access for all applications with flexible Single Sign-On. When you need to use a mix of public and private cloud services, deploy Federated Authentication to separate authentication from access.