Stonesoft 1035

Software FW/VPN

VMware ESX Server

VMware ESX Server is a certified platform for Stonesoft Firewall/VPN.

Stonesoft statement about VMware platform

Stonesoft confirms that we will support customers running Stonesoft production ready appliance in a VMware ESX Server (see Release Notes for the details). Stonesoft will provide support for Stonesoft software running in a VMware virtual environment in the same manner as running on any other major x86-based system. Should Stonesoft suspect that the virtualization layer is the root cause of the incident, the customer will be required to contact the appropriate VMware support provider to resolve the VMware issue.

Actively Certified Platforms

The actively certified plaforms will be tested with all major software releases and with maintenance releases containing kernel changes until the server is out of production or the hardware vendor comes out with a new generation of the server. At that point, the platform will be moved to the limited maintenance category.

Limited Maintenance Platforms

The following platforms are out of production, but they have been certified for older Stonesoft Firewall/VPN/IPS versions. The compatibility tests are run more irregularly with new Stonesoft engine versions on these platforms.

No platforms in this category.

Compatible Platforms

Stonesoft compatible platforms have not been tested extensively and are not officially certified by Stonesoft. However, the Firewall, IPS or Security Engine installation and basic operations have been verified by a certified Stonesoft engineer or partner. Stonesoft does not guarantee future compatibility or that the compatible platforms work in all situations.

Technical Requirements

If it is not possible to use a certified platform, the Stonesoft Firewall/VPN/IPS gateway can also be run on standard Intel-based hardware that satisfies Stonesoft hardware requirements. Please contact the relevant hardware manufacturers regarding compatibility issues between hardware components. Please note that Stonesoft cannot guarantee the continuous compatibility of any uncertified hardware platform. There may be future changes in the Stonesoft products that are not compatible with some hardware that works with the current released products.

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