Consider if you could:

The Stonesoft EPS is for organizations to protect against AETs now – while you wait for your current vendor to go back to the drawing board and redesign their products to be effective against AETs.

  • Provide managed security services for your internal or external customers?
  • Manage all that efficiently?
  • Avoid financial ricks?

If you are looking for a hassle-free way to mange security. avoid human errors and have better situational awareness, Stonesoft MSSP is the solution for you.


Just get the unlimited Stonesoft Management Center (SMC) for free, install it, deploy your end-users’ appliances, and you’re good to go! SMC is the simple way to control and manage your customers’ networks, whether their environment is physical, software-based, virtual or hybrid.
With SMC you have centralized control, up-to-the-minute situational awareness and oversight over all of your customers’ deployments.

The Stonesoft MSSP solution brings a whole new level of efficiency to managing security. While storing all information in a single management server, you are able to isolate customer environments into domains. The domains mean simplified customer environments, avoiding the risks of human error, sharing elements among customers and having a constant overview of customer environments.

Full visibility through centralized management means full situational awareness and the ability to react quickly if issues arise in any customer environment. Optimized administration workflows and automated routine tasks are designed to make daily work as efficient as possible.


The Stonesoft MSSP solution enables tailored security service levels ranging from basic security to military grade.

End customers can be also given Web Portal access to their own logs, reports and policies thus increasing the end customer visibility to the security service. The Web Portal can be used with any web-enabled device in the customer’s native language and customized look and feel.

With the Stonesoft Management Center, you can scale up and manage hundreds of customers efficiently with minimum manpower.

The Stonesoft MSSP solution allows you to increase your value to your end customers, but only pay for what you invoice. With special MSSP program pricing you can enter the market without any initial costs. You pay as you go.