Secure data flow for civilian and military networks

Stonesoft works with governments, security forces, enterprises and academics. Ours is an open approach with other experts and the customers and societies we serve.

At the strategic level we help governmental organizations with policy. On the ground, industrial facilities and military forces apply Stonesoft solutions for rapid mass deployment, intuitive management and maximum security, like the go-anywhere MIL-320 NGFW/VPN.

Military and industrial data networks are vital to our way of life.

Securing critical networks in the face of sophisticated cyber attacks from hackers, criminals and enemy nations is paramount.

  • Secure data flow
  • Mission critical communications
  • Situational awareness
  • Centralized command and control
  • Collaborative working
  • AET defense
  • Failure-free operations in extremes

Robust military-grade security is possible – even in the most hostile fixed, field or mobile environments.

Stonesoft’s MIL-320 NGFW/VPN is designed for failure-free, high performance operation in extremes. It is small, portable, heavy duty, resistant to dust, water and shocks, and available in black or military green livery.

The Stonesoft MIL-320 offers unrivalled remote management, reporting and rapid deployment capabilities – via the Stonesoft Management Center. Easy, intuitive manageability saves time and money – and can save lives in the field

Next Gen management for control centers and signals specialists

  • High availability and QoS
  • Context, user and device awareness
  • Application awareness
  • Centralized command and control
  • Advanced threat visibility
  • Local WLAN connectivity
  • Encryption status

Military-grade security in the toughest scenarios

  • Armored division: Secure tank-2-tank WLAN.
  • Broadcasters: OB trucks, events etc.
  • Customs: airports, borders, ports etc.
  • Emergency services: vehicles, disaster response etc.
  • Industrial: oilrigs, mining, forestry etc.
  • Logistics: depots, ports, yards etc.
  • Military: Battlefield command, signals etc.
  • Power: SCADA, ICS remotes etc.
  • Research: Weather stations, earthquake zones etc.