A New Breed of Security Risk


In 2010, Stonesoft discovered and reported there were millions and millions of ways to bypass even the most advanced network security solutions.How?
By using Advanced Evasion Techniques, or AETs.AETs disguise exploits to bypass security devices. In the worst case, security devices remain blind to old and known exploits. If you do not have anti-evasion technology in place, AETs pose a major risk to your business continuity, data and critical systems.All Stonesoft products protect against AETs, including the new Evasion Prevention System – Stonesoft’s cost-effective “infrastructure patch” specifically for organizations that need peace of mind, fast.
AETs are any evasive hacking techniques that allow an intruder to bypass security detection during a network-based attack.Advanced Evasion Techniques

  • Stealth cyber attack methods that bypass network security
  • Stackable through simultaneous execution on multiple protocol layers
  • Capable of changing dynamically even during an attack
  • High number of evasion combinations and modifications
  • Not satisfactorily tested in published security device lab tests

If your network security device (NGFW, IDS, IPS or UTM) does packet or pseudo packet-based inspection across a limited number of protocols and network layers – with signature pattern matching – you are vulnerable to AETs.

A false sense of security

Key security players, like Gartner, NSS Labs and ISCA Labs, recognize that AETs are real and can pose a serious threat. But security vendors are still ignoring or downplaying the issue.AETs expose a fundamental design flaw in security devices, despite vendors promising 100% protection.The industry has created an illusion of security that puts businesses and lives at risk. This has to end. Are you concerned?
AETs are an access all areas pass and most organizations are vulnerable to AETs – but just not aware of it. Finding an actual malicious payload might be straightforward, but detecting AETs requires that all traffic is recorded and analyzed carefully. Does your security detect AETs?

Are you vulnerable?
If you have not deployed Stonesoft security solutions that use full stack, multilayer traffic normalization before stream-based data inspection and detection – then you are probably vulnerable to AET-borne attack. Have you made real-world tests?
Can you be sure?
Download and run an Evader test now. Evader is the free ready-made evasion test lab – immediately find out if your current devices are vulnerable in the real world.

Stonesoft Evasion Prevention System

  • Purpose-built security product
  • Tested against over 800 million Advanced Evasion Techniques
  • Full stack, multilayer normalization, and stream-based data inspection and detection processes
  • Deployable immediately as an “infrastructure patch” with existing security devices to avoid major migration
  • Mitigate the risk to profits, brand and reputation from AET-borne cyber attacks
  • Cost efficient – secure your valuable digital assets with low OPEX
  • Transformable into the fully featured Stonesoft Security Engine (including all NGFW, NGIPS and UTM functionalities)

The Stonesoft EPS is for organizations to protect against AETs now – while you wait for your current vendor to go back to the drawing board and redesign their products to be effective against AETs.

All our products protect against AETs

And have been tested against 800 million advanced evasion combinations.Stonesoft Security Engine

  • Fully integrated, adaptive, high manageability, world-leading network security – respond to business and environment changes without taking CAPEX or OPEX hits.
  • Transformable to any next generation security product without license changes.
  • Flexible and fully featured – choose from SMB to military-grade protection.
  • Free future updates, upgrades and performance improvements. Full AET protection.

Stonesoft IPS

  • High performance Next Gen IPS, upgradable to the full Security Engine via license upgrade.
  • Free updates. Full AET protection.
Stonesoft EPS

  • Cost-effective AET “infrastructure patch”, upgradable to the full Security Engine or Next Gen IPS via license upgrades
  • Free updates. Full AET protection.

Stonesoft is the undisputed leader in AET research and protection. We are years ahead of the competition in anti-evasion technology.
Our edge is our 24/7, automated evasion testing environment – that runs 1-2 million AET test runs every day – and our dedicated team that collaborates with academics and test labs.
If your organization has data assets of value to cyber criminals, you could be a target for AET-borne stealth attacks.