Unified Threat Management (UTM)

The cost-efficient solution for full protection for branch offices

Key Benefits

  1. Deep inspection technology
    Protection from AETs and enhanced traffic visibility
  2. High performance and security
    Fast througput appliances and clustering
  3. Web Filtering
    80 categories gives you granular control over filtering policies

By building your network security on the platform of the Stonesoft Security Engine, you have the choice to implement the most comprehensive military-grade protection from cyber threats. Through the Stonesoft Management Center configuration and monitoring is straightforward and fully integrated, massively reducing operational costs. The power and versatility of the Stonesoft Security Engine (NGN) means that it is easy to deploy as a UTM solution, consisting of 4 key features: deep inspection, web filtering, anti-virus and anti-spam.


Deep inspection
Stonesoft deep inspection technology is designed to protect public web services, internal networks and client users accessing the internet. Deep inspection detects malicious activity within regular network traffic and prevents intrusions by blocking the offending traffic automatically before any damage occurs.
Web filtering
Deep inspection can be augmented with URL category-based filtering for HTTP traffic. The service is based on technology from Webroot and features over 80 different categories covering over 280 million top level domains. By supporting over 43 languages the service provides the most comprehensive filtering coverage and accuracy available on the market.
You can block malicious files and attachments by enabling the anti-virus service. By scanning HTTP, HTTPS and email protocols, you can easily protect your networks from being contaminated with malware.
To limit the flood of unsolicited email advertising and scams you can enable the anti-spam service. This is the easy and integrated way to filter your incoming SMTP traffic from internet noise. Stonesoft anti-spam features detailed tuning of variables and rules to provide effective protection.