High performance and always-available network connectivity

Key Benefits

  1. Resilient VPN connectivity
    The best network connectivity solution on the market
  2. High throughput
    20 Gbps with a single device and more through clustering
  3. High security
    Military-grade security, including AET protection, as standard

By intelligently combining standards based on IPsec VPN and Stonesoft’s Multi-Link technology, we provide the best network connectivity solution on the market. By combining IPsec tunnels over two or more regular ISP connections to big logical VPN tunnels, Stonesoft customers can easily and affordably build highly available – and high throughput – VPN configurations. The Stonesoft Management Center makes configuring and maintaining VPN networks consisting of thousands of gateways incredibly straightforward.

Anti-evasion Layers

You can control link usage by combining links with different characteristics to a single VPN, while still directing different types of traffic to specific links. Our solution provides high availability for all traffic types as backup links can be defined per traffic type.
The Stonesoft IPsec VPN solution provides very high security. Symmetric encryption supports up to 256 bit key lengths with AES in different modes, SHA-2 message diges, authentication with pre-shared keys or RSA, DSS and ECDSA signatures, and Diffie Hellman groups up to group 21 (521 bit ECP group).
By deploying a Stonesoft solution you also offer high availability to roaming users. A Multi-Link-enhanced IPsec VPN client can automatically find a working link to an organization’s VPN gateway and, as remote access IPsec VPN is standards-based, third party VPN clients can connect easily too.