Secure multi-ISP network connectivity with Stonesoft Multi-Link

Key Benefits

  1. High availability
    Easily eliminate your ISP(s) as a single potential failure point
  2. Increased bandwidth
    Aggregate multiple lines for faster connectivity
  3. Cost efficiency
    No additional costs or configuration of specialized hardware or software

When it is critical that your network stays connected to the internet and to your organization’s other networks, Stonesoft has a uniquely simple and efficient solution. With our Multi-Link feature you can easily combine independent ISP connections into a high throughput and highly available internet access solution. No special setup or coordination is required from the ISP side and all configuration is simply integrated into the Stonesoft Management Center with other security configuration.

Multi ISP

VPN connections can be easily utilized using Multi-Link to balance VPN traffic over all available connections. You can even combine internet links and private WAN links to the same VPN so that different paths backup each other. The Stonesoft Multi-Link VPN provides detailed control over link usage when you need to make sure that some traffic needs to use specific links with guaranteed QoS. Failover times with Multi-Link VPN are much shorter than with solutions based on dynamic routing. Read more about IPsec VPN.