Secure remote access to applications via IPsec VPN Client or SSL VPN

Key Benefits

  1. Robust VPN client
    The Stonesoft IPsec VPN Client provides secure Multi-Link-compatible access to corporate networks
  2. SSL VPN access
    Connect to your business applications with any device from anywhere
  3. Secure cloud access
    Access private and public cloud services to safely conduct business

Stonesoft provides two ways to establish secure access from mobile devices to corporate applications and services. The IPsec VPN requires client software on the user device and enables connectivity from a specific machine, such as a corporate laptop. If there is a need for clientless access then the Stonesoft SSL VPN product is the right solution.


The Stonesoft IPsec VPN provides transparent network access for roaming users. When mobile users need direct access to your organization’s network, or if remotely used applications do not feature web client functionality, the Stonesoft IPsec VPN offers a secure solution.
If your challenge is to provide unified access to corporate applications and data, the concept offered by the Stonesoft SSL VPN is the ideal solution. It provides a portal accessible from anywhere with any client device via a secured SSL tunnel. Applications are made available with multiple criteria validation and the solution includes Single Sign-On to provide transparent access to multiple applications.