High availability is a core requirement in all Stonesoft products

Key Benefits

  1. Engine clustering
    Real-world protection against AET-borne attacks
  2. Multi-Link VPN
    Regular anti-evasion technology updates and included in maintenance
  3. Management and log server availability
    Maintenance without interruptions in business traffic

Stonesoft was born to deliver high availability. By selecting our products you ensure that you can build your networks and security services to support always-on connectivity and operation.
The Stonesoft approach provides more value than just basic HA. For example, firewall clustering delivers beyond basic HA expectations. It is real load balancing between cluster nodes and not limited to only two nodes.
For Stonesoft solutions, and for Stonesoft customers, high availability also means easier maintenance. You can upgrade your clusters node-by-node without service breaks. Clusters can operate with different software versions and even with different hardware nodes. This gives you real value through reduced operational costs and improved quality of service.

High availability is built-in throughout Stonesoft solutions:

  • Stonesoft Management Center high availability
  • Log server high availability
  • Firewall load balancing clustering up to 16 nodes
  • Firewall integrated server load balancer
  • IPS clustering
  • SSL VPN clustering
  • Network high availability and load balancing through Stonesoft Multi-Link technology
  • Layer 2 high availability and load balancing through interface link aggregation (802.3ad)