Unique technology for defense against Advanced Evasion Techniques

Key Benefits

  1. Full Protection
    Protect vulnerable applications and operating systems from threats against client and server vulnerabilities
  2. Ultimate visibility
    Deep inspection for IPv6 and tunneled IP traffic
  3. Web filtering
    Control web browsing with category-based web filtering

Stonesoft’s deep inspection technology is designed to protect public web services, internal networks and client users as they access the internet. Deep inspection detects malicious activity within regular network traffic and prevents intrusions by blocking offending traffic automatically before any damage occurs.

Deep Inspection

Client users accessing malicious websites are exposed to target initiated attacks through perimeter defenses, while public web services must defend against direct exploit attempts. Traditional Firewalls or IPSs are not enough to protect against these threats. Sophisticated inspection cababilities are required.
Stonesoft uses protocol identification, normalization and data stream-based inspection technology to detect and block threats, in both clear-text HTTP and inside encrypted HTTPS connections.
Vulnerability-based protection fingerprints and recommended policy configurations are updated regularly via dynamic updates and administrators have the option to automate the entire process when needed. The latest protection is in place at all times.
All deep inspection features are available in the different roles that the Stonesoft Security Engine platform can fulfill. Thus, the same inspection policy configuration with e.g. web filtering or encrypted web traffic inspection can be shared between Firewall, IPS and Layer-2 Firewall roles.