Stonesoft delivers context awareness by design

Key Benefits

  1. Full Control
    Flexible security policy configuration
  2. Ultimate Visibility
    View logged events, statistics and advanced vizualisations
  3. Strong authentication
    Intelligent and holistic access control

Stonesoft’s hometown of Helsinki has been World Design Capital for 2012. As you might know, Design is not only about chairs, desktop and furniture. The word comes from the late Middle English as a derivative word from Latin “Designare“, which means to indicate something for a purpose or duty.
As it happens for many concepts, the word has a definition but different meanings depending on the context where it is applied.
Just like Security.
Two important principles related to design are usability and ergonomics. Both are related to improve people efficiency in their working environment.
The same two principles are not only related, but fundamentally important for security.
When you design something, you mainly think about the purpose of that something in different contexts. Because different usage contexts mean different needs to address, different perspectives, different angles.
Just like in security planning.
Since the cloud computing wave, there has been lots of talk about context-aware security. To highlight and stress that security technologies and implementations should always consider the whole context of a session and not only a fragment of it. For example, not limiting authentication to user credentials validation but extending analysis and validation to the whole “security posture” by assessing the user’s hardware, network, the strength of the authentication method used, etc.
At Stonesoft, we have blended all these important principles into our solutions – and our underlying Security Engine (NGN) platform – from day one.

We offer dynamic, software based network security solutions that can adapt to the context where they are implemented, providing protection against the latest and most dangerous threats: AETs.
We provide great usability both for security administrators and for users, to maximize the efficiency and user experience while minimizing impact on resources.
We can prove reduction of CAPEX and OPEX costs with real, tangible savings.
We believe in ergonomic principles applied to (e.g.) authentication, where users should be able to achieve strong authentication naturally, using methods and devices they learnt to use daily for multiple other purposes.
We offer secure authenticated access to the cloud, enabling universal access from multiple platforms with context-aware security.
We empower MSSPs to provide faster time-to-market for security services and the most scalable solution to manage thousands of customers with minimized OPEX.
Isn’t this… ergonomic network security by design?