Can your security detect and prevent Advanced Evasion Techniques?

Key Benefits

  1. Protection
    Real-world protection against AET-borne attacks
  2. Always up-to-date
    Regular anti-evasion technology updates and included in maintenance
  3. Interoperability
    Stonesoft’s anti-evasion technology adapts to physical, virtual or hybrid network environments

All Stonesoft network security products are AET-ready. Stonesoft’s unique full-stack inspection and data normalization across all protocol layers makes Stonesoft solutions the most effective available against Advanced Evasion Techniques (AETs). Other vendors are years behind.

Anti-evasion Layers

Stonesoft Firewalls, IPSs and Layer-2 Firewalls decode and normalize network traffic for inspection on all protocol layers, making traffic evasion-free and exploits detectable. Vulnerability-based fingerprints block exploits in the normalized data stream.
Stonesoft is the world leader in AET research, detection and prevention. The Stonesoft lab test millions of new evasion combinations every day anmd regularly reports new evasion discoveries to industry bodies. Stonesoft’s anti-evasion technology is updated regularly and product quality is assured with automated evasion fuzzing tests in the Stonesoft R&D lab. Anti-evasion updates are provided in software maintenance versions.