Ensure that important data is secure and flows quickly

Key Benefits

  1. Traffic classification
    Ensures that business-critical traffic gets through
  2. Traffic shaping and bandwidth management
    Guarantee enough bandwidth e.g. for your VoIP calls
  3. QoS class-based link selection in Multi-Link VPN
    Set preferred links for your VPN

Your Stonesoft Security Engine, for example in a Firewall role, already enables detailed control on what traffic is allowed and how it is processed. The same rulebase can be easily used to classify traffic going through the Firewall – and proper quality of service bits (TOS/DSCP) can be set to the packets with the same high granularity level that you use to configure Firewall access rules. This approach means that getting the right QoS in huge networks is straightforward.

Quality of Service

Based on traffic classification, the Stonesoft Security Engine is a powerful platform for QoS as it can also set limits and priorities for different types of traffic. Business traffic such as VoIP, ERP, critical transactions and important websites can receive precedence over other types of traffic. Sometimes it is good to ensure that important users are guaranteed to receive a certain amount of the available bandwidth, regardless of other traffic.
With easy adminstration in the Stonesoft Management Center you can set bandwidth guarantees and/or limits to different types of traffic so that the important business traffic will always have the required amount of bandwidth available and non-business traffic will not exceed defined bandwidth limits.
A unique feature in Stonesoft solutions is the ability to use traffic classification to set preferred links in your Multi-Link VPN configuration. For example, your VoIP traffic can use SLA-backed network connections by default for a transparent IPsec VPN-protected route to internet access.