Stonesoft FW/VPN 1030

Stonesoft FW/VPN 1030

The Stonesoft FW-1030 FW/VPN appliance is a firewall solution designed for environments ranging from tens to hundreds of users.

Typically, the FW-1030 is used at bigger branch or remote offices. In addition to perimeter protection, the FW-1030 can be used to segment internal networks – for example to prevent computer worms from spreading and contaminating the internal network.

For perimeter protection and internal networks, the Stonesoft FW-1030 provides reliable data security and high availability features, which guarantee continuous information flow. The FW-1030 introduces a new generation of previously unseen features, such as traffic inspection and SSL decryption, which enable decryption and inspection of the traffic going through the firewall. Built-in firewall clustering, server load balancing and the possibility to utilize reserve ISP capacity on overloaded internet connections guarantees continuous network connectivity. Solid-state disk technology has now replaced hard disks, providing a more reliable and durable storage system.

Combined with any Stonesoft Intrusion Prevention System, the FW-1030 forms a multi-dimensional defense system, where several security layers communicate seamlessly together. This field-proven technology expands comprehensive protection to the whole network and raises network protection to a previously unseen level.

The Stonesoft FW-1030 and all other Stonesoft appliances offer comprehensive network security, built on the adaptable platform of the Stonesoft Security Engine, with easy configuration and unified management via SMC. This ensures increased security and performance, and lower cost of administration – even for the most geographically dispersed enterprise deployments.

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